The HU Song, a Spiritual Tool

The HU song is one of my basic spiritual tools and it would be wrong of me not to share it with you. It is something anyone of any religion, belief system or spiritual path can use. I have found it really helpful in every aspect of my life and I use it a number of times a day.

You may be aware of the Buddhist mantra, Aum. This is an excellent sound for bringing us to the mental level of our inner being. Our inner being consists of our emotions, our memories, our mind, our intuition or sub consciousness and our true selves, Soul.

A spiritual being, Soul
As we struggle in the physical world we often forget that we are really a spiritual being, Soul, having a physical and human experience. We are looking at our physical world and believe that this is all that matters in life. Our mind and its logic have convinced us that this life is all there is, all we have is all that we can hold and see in our physical world. But, for a lot of us there is a feeling that there is something more than this, more than all the physical stuff around us. We can feel it, a knowingness, an ache, a hunch that says there is more to life than work, play, eat, drink and sleep.

Soul Overseeing

This inner nudge is coming from Soul into our intuition and being kept in the background by the logical blocks of the mind. It can be hard for the message to come through the roadblocks, arguments and censoring of the mind.

Because the HU song is a sound from the heavenly worlds, where Soul is positioned, it can help us link up with It. This is not something that will work instantly, although it may for some, this needs a consistent effort to get our spiritual muscles back to some level of fitness.

By singing the HU song on a regular basis we will begin to re-establish the link and communications between our lower elements and our higher self, Soul. Singing HU will open a path to Soul’s wisdom. The longer we practice it, the better we get to know the path and a greater flow of spiritual wisdom comes into our lives.

How to sing the HU song
Get into a comfortable position with our back straight. It should be a time and place where we won’t be disturbed for 20 minutes or so. Take a few deep breaths to relax. Then, with our eyes closed, begin to chant HU on our outgoing breath. It is pronounced like, hue or the name Hugh and as hu in human, We can take a rest from chanting whenever it is comfortable for us.

While we are doing this, we can watch for changes in the light we see on our inner screen. We may see a glow or sparkles and occasionally flashes. Also listen to the sounds around us and eliminate them until we begin to hear a sound within ourselves. Do this by becoming aware of each individual sound and acknowledging its presence. For example, there may be traffic in the distance, a machine running nearby, the wind blowing outside, animals or birds making noise. Acknowledge the presence of these sounds and listen for other sounds. Acknowledge them all. Now that we have eliminated these sounds, is there a subtle sound lingering in the background, can we hear it?


This sound can be like a wind, running water, bells tinkling, buzzing bees or a single note on a flute or whistle. The way you know it is an inner sound, is by recognising that there is no physical source for the sound. Some people have heard the sound of running water and after checking their taps and plumbing finally realised the sound was coming from within themselves and not from their water works.

As we sit there being aware of the light and sound we may notice that some subjects cross our mind. The light and sound blend together to create a scene. The scene is familiar to us but we may be seeing it from a different viewpoint. Try and not get too distracted by the scene and return our focus to the light and sound. Other scenes and subjects may develop with different insights being revealed. Continue this for about 20 minutes.

Don’t worry if the light doesn’t appear or the sound can’t be heard. With enough practice of singing the HU song these will develop in time. If singing HU brings us any level of comfort or peace, then it is working.

Make it a habit
We should try and make a habit of singing the HU song at a set time each day. Some people like to do it first thing in the morning, or mid morning when they have time to themselves or in the evening before they go to bed. We can pick a time that suits our lifestyle and let it develop into a habit.


Once we get used to the word HU, as part of your spiritual tool box, we may find ourselves using it at any time. During the day when out and about or working and we come to a challenging situation, can begin to chant HU song within ourselves. It’ll help us connect with Soul and brings peace to our thoughts. It may even open the way for Soul to suggest a solution to the current situation.

The HU song has been around for a very long time. The Druids and Egyptians had gods named Hu. The word God can be attributed to the Sanskrit word HU. HU is also an ancient name for God. Eckankar, a spiritual path, promotes the HU song as a love song to God. They have a page dedicated to HU on their web site which may be worth checking out.

A Spiritual Tool
So there you have it. The one spiritual tool I’ve found to be the most useful as I go through life. I’ve been using it for over thirty years now, and it is the one that has proved itself to be a reliable and consistent companion on my spiritual journey. I hope you discover the value of it too.

May the HU be with you.

*Ed Parkinson

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