Happy Accidents and Everyday Miracles

Is there such a thing as happy accidents? Can an accident be happy? Miracles, do they really happen? Can they happen everyday?

Our answers to these questions will depend on our level of awareness of and connection with the Life-force or the Holy Spirit. If we recognise that there are forces operating in our lives other than our mind and our will, we will be open to the idea of happy accidents and everyday miracles.

They come in a variety of strengths. Form very subtle to really dramatic. They can have a minor effect on us or be the cause of a major change in our life. There are miracles happening around us all the time but most of us are blind to them. We occasionally see a miracle when we experience a near miss in traffic.

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The minor event becomes a life changing event
For example, we could be walking along the street, we bump into somebody. We apologise to each other. This person looks familiar, so we ask them “Where have I seen you before?” They are not sure, they smile and rush off to continue with their day. We then go to cross the street but see that someone has just been hit by a car. The injured person was walking beside us a few moments ago but because we bumped into someone else we were delayed.

The happy accident of bumping into the person saved us from being caught up in the traffic accident. This could be viewed as a minor event in our life.

The following day we see the person who we bumped into again. We smile at each other. Over the week we develop a nodding acquaintance which eventually leads to a date, then to a long term relationship. The minor event has now become a life changing event.

Can we turn our accidents into happy accidents?
If we become an observer of our accident it can help us to find the happiness in it. This is usually not possible when we are in the middle of the event. We have to deal with the issue, inconvenience, or pain at the moment. Later when we get a quiet time by ourselves we should contemplate on the event to see if we can gain insights in to the accident.

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How to contemplate on the event
Take time to relax and rest ourselves. Close our eyes, sing the Hu song on the outgoing breath. We can sing it in our mind, in a whisper, softly or in our normal voice. It depends on the situation and circumstances we are in. Bring to mind something that warms our heart. Something that’s brings love into our lives. Now with this loving feeling still with us, let’s try and observe the accident or event. Let it float into our mind and observe it from different angles. If there were other people involved, can we view it from their perspective? What would the have experienced? How would they have been affected? If we let these observations and questions float around in our mind we may get a new insight into the event. We may see a different side to the accident. We may see how it benefits us and/or the people around us. We may see how it was really a happy accident or even a miracle.

Life is perfect
There are many who consider that life is perfect, that everything is exactly the way it should be. If we can view our accident with this in mind we open ourselves to the possibilities of what is right about the situation. The reason we are in this life is to learn about ourselves, about life and about love. Unfortunately we seem to learn best when we there are difficulties and pain involved. The pain teaches us not to make the same mistake again. If things are comfortable and easy we tend to let them be. Only when they become uncomfortable do we begin to learn how to change them. Sometimes if we get too comfortable with a situation it takes an ‘accident’ to move us on. If we can see the accident from this perspective of a learning experience we can turn it into a happy accident or even a miracle.

It is really our attitude and perspective on life which determines the level of happiness in our lives. If we can try to see how the Life-force or Holy Spirit has organised the difficulties and accidents in our lives for our long term benefit, we can turn our accidents into happy accidents and even into miracles.

Wishing you a life of happy accidents and miracles.

*Ed Parkinson

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