Spiritual Art to give You Insights and Inspiration

Here you will find Spiritual Art, Articles, Quotations, Inspirations and Gifts of a spiritual nature. There is reasonable selection at the moment but it will be growing as I add more art, articles and inspirations.


There are lots of subjects to explore here:
Meditation, Contemplation and Prayer,.
Dreams and Nightmares.
Angels and Inner Guides.
Astral Travel, Inner Travel and Soul Travel.
Life after Death.

If you can not find an answer to your particular question click on the Blog and ask your question there. If I have any insight into it I’ll give you an answer, if I don’t I’ll try to point you towards some resource you may find useful.

Thinking Outside the Box

For most people your spiritual side only comes into focus when you are hit with a tragic event or you get to a point where you wonder, what is life all about? It is a subject which often lies buried beneath the hustle and bustle of daily life. In the topics and discussions here you’ll find some insights and wisdom to help you get a better understanding of the spiritual side of life.

Why a Spiritual artist? I am an artist with a deep interest in all things spiritual. One of my talents is being able to take an image from my imagination and put into a visual form which you can see. This hopefully gives you a better understanding of the subject we are talking about.

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Spiritual Art Gallery, Ed P - Spiritual Art
The spiritual art gallery will open your eyes to new insights and inspirations into the inner side of your life. The pictures here have many intriguing and mysterious details.
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You can buy a print from Ed Parkinson’s gallery of limited edition prints here. Choose from five sizes all professionally produced photographs on archival paper which will last 100s of years.
Spiritual writings, inspiration and wisdom from all corners of the planet with stories and experiences to help you receive insights and understanding about your life today.
Here you will find spiritual inspirations from a variety of sources. All spiritual paths, teachings and religions have some beautiful gems of wisdom. These inspirations are full of wisdom and love.
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Ed P-Spiritual Art’s Privacy Policy
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River Sanctuary, Ed P – Spiritual Art
River Sanctuary is a place where you can go to find peace, enlightenment and wisdom. There are challenges in reaching this place but you know it will be worth the effort when you get there.
Steps of Experience
Our steps of experience help us build a solid foundation on our path through life. Every experience is a step to help us get a better understanding of life and ourselves.